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Why working at a startup is bloody fantastic!

  • On April 10, 2017
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Why working at a startup is bloody fantastic!

So, you finally pocketed that hard-earned degree and now you’re looking for a job. But you’re not sure about your professional preferences yet and you don’t know which is better: big and corporate? Or small(er) and not-that-corporate? Choices, choices, but what should you do? We provide you with a couple of reasons why we’re rooting for working at a startup. Ready? Set? Start! (up)    

#1 You’ll learn about every possible position within a company
Because, yes: you’ll probably be hired as a marketer, a designer, a copywriter, a sales rep, or something else. But you know what? You’ll probably, somehow, also be doing the job of an IT or HR rep, an accountant or maybe even the job of a cleaning lady, one moment or another. Yes, this means you’re probably in for a heavy workload. But this also means you’ll gain so much more experience on a lot of different levels – which is only a bonus for your future career.  

#2 You’ll learn about the importance of innovation
When you choose a startup, one of the first things you’ll learn is the importance of constant innovation. When you’re fighting to survive, you’re also fighting for being the company that’s the fastest, the freshest and has the most growth potential. This is why you’ll be continuously challenging yourself and your company to be innovative whilst searching for solutions.  

#3 The startup community is an absolutely unique one
Despite everybody is trying to do the same thing, startups amongst each other mostly love to share what they learned and know. In need for a new tool or an addition to the team? Just ask around in the startup community you’re part of. You’ll see, you won’t have to wait long for an answer!  

#4 You’ll learn to sell yourself
Because when you want to make it as a startup, you better learn how to sell yourself. Quickly, that is: there’s a lot of competition out there! So, when you’re thrown in the world of startups, you’ll also be thrown in the world of marketing and sales. Which will force you to learn how to sell yourself. A skill that might come in handy later on!  

#5 It’s diverse
Startups are always looking for talent, and they’re grabbing on to it once they encounter it. In other words: you’ll get to know people of all different sizes and colors: something that isn’t all that evident in some large corporate businesses. Enjoy this fresh and varied mix of races, genders and ages! It’ll only provide you with more opportunities to learn something new.   There you go – five awesome reasons why you should definitely consider working at a startup. Good luck!