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Which start-ups are absolutely essential for you this summer?

  • On June 6, 2017
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Which start-ups are absolutely essential for you this summer?

Summer’s here at last and we can’t wait to relax on a cosy terrace, enjoy hot barbecues, catch a bit of sun and make the most of everything else we associate with summer. Anyway, did we happen to mention there are three start-ups you should definitely check out before surrendering to those summer vibes? Because we happen to believe that these up-and-coming firms are indispensable if you’re going to make it through the summer of 2017… Why, do you ask? Well, we’ll be happy to spell it out for you!


This vintage start-up described it perfectly in the past… Happiness is sipped through a straw. And what could be better than dipping that straw in a glass of wonderfully cool homemade lemonade?

That’s why you need to sample Ritchie: the lemonade of yesteryear – but of today as well. This delicacy was extremely popular from way back in the fifties right up to the late seventies. And now in 2017, it is making a comeback with two trendy and new flavour combinations that will keep you cool on those blazing summer days. We’re a fan!


It’s a simple fact that we get out more during the summer. We get out and about, we go on holiday or the occasional day trip, etc. And do you know who enjoys these things at least as much as you do? Grandma and/or grandpa. Because grandparents think it’s fantastic to be kept in the loop. Still, we all know it’s not always easy to keep up with all those (new) forms of social media.

And that’s where Happybridge comes in! Because this app makes it so much easier for the entire family to keep everyone informed of everything that’s going on. All it takes to share pictures, send messages, etc. is a single mouse click! Also, Happybridge can be coupled with all your favourite social media channels so you can easily share all your highlights via Facebook or Instagram.

This way grandparents only need to install and use a single app, making it that much easier to let them know what all the family members are up to. And to top it all off, Happybridge is extremely user-friendly. An absolute recommendation to document the summer!


Do you know what is so typical of the summer months? The fact that we’re always on the road to somewhere. It’s only natural that our feet are itching to get out there after a long winter spent curled up on the sofa. It doesn’t take much effort either because in summer there’s something fun to do on every street corner!

And that’s precisely why Plannymap is an absolute must-have. This amazing app provides you and your friends with the perfect platform to plan an activity-filled summer in a simple way. Not only does this avoid double bookings, you can also be certain you won’t be twiddling your fingers when you have the evening off. For instance, you can add your entire group of friends and organise a chat to meet up somewhere, but there’s also a practical calendar function to plan your summer as well as a search function to find the coolest events near you in the blink of an eye.

What do you mean you haven’t downloaded this app yet? Hop to it… summer’s just around the corner!

That’s it for now. Now you know exactly which apps will help you turn the summer into the kind of unforgettable experience you’ve undoubtedly been looking forward to. If you have any questions about these start-ups, please do not hesitate to contact us!