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What Snapchat and Catchflip have in common

  • On October 31, 2016
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What Snapchat and Catchflip have in common

We don’t have to explain Snapchat anymore, do we? The application has become the most popular medium for teenagers, dethroning last year’s most popular kid Instagram. Although Snap inc. – the company behind Snapchat –  started out just a couple of years ago, it’s now one of the largest digital firms in the world. Great! But what is the impact of its success on advertising? The founder of Start it @kbc’s startup CatchFlip, Frederik Malesevic, shares his vision on the topic.

Snapchat in numbers

When founder Evan Spiegel came up with the Snapchat idea while he was in college, he never thought that the app would become this big. Now it has over 100 million active users and 7 billion daily videos. Those are some crazy numbers! Various people argue that Snapchat causes a decrease in Facebook popularity among teenagers. This is true in some way, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t using it anymore. It’s just no longer their preferred medium. For teenagers, Snapchat is a place where they can talk to their friends, while they see Facebook as a more public and family orientated place. Users behave totally different on these two media.

New way of communication 

If you think about Snapchat’s concept, its success is not that crazy. Think about it: the way Snapchat works, lies much closer to face to face communication than any other social network! Our life is about moments that disappear as soon as they happened. Moments are temporary. Snapchat is focusing on time limited photos and videos in a world where everything is documented and stored digitally. That’s daring and smart at the same time.

Organic beats paid

Frederik Malesevic, founder of CatchFlip, shared his vision on Snapchat. Snapchat has a remarkable fast growth rate, which takes the shape of a hockey stick, Frederik explains. Obviously, that’s the dream of every digital marketer who wants to put his app into the market. Frederik followed and actively used Snapchat from the start and he can’t deny that he uses some insights of Snapchat in his own app, CatchFlip. “In my opinion, an app has to grow organically. An enormous marketing budget may generate a peak in downloads, but the de-installs will follow soon after”, he says.

User is king

Snap inc. is always adapting and testing new ideas to enhance the user’s experiences. The updates may bore older generations, but has a positive impact on the youngsters. And that’s the target group after all (18-35-year-olds). CatchFlip tries to follow that vision. Straight from day 1, the startup has defined its main target group (15-35-years old) and started conversations with them. This pushes Frederick to question and/or adapt the whole business plan and concept every single day. Which is exactly what every digital startup should be doing. Because no matter how you put it, in this digital era the user is king and controls everything. He singlehandedly makes or breaks an app. Frederik thinks Snap inc. has always understood this insight. The user’s control even became the dogma of their entire concept.

Snapchat for advertising

Snapchat has interesting possibilities for advertising as well. When your brand is active on Snapchat, the quality of the communication will increase. A brand can focus on another side of its identity. Brand Image becomes more important whereas Brand Awareness takes a central place in the classic media channels. And as every good marketer knows: the right image is the foundation for loyal customers.

CatchFlip to the rescue

This all sounds amazing, and everybody should jump on Snapchat immediately if there was no important pitfall: content. If there is a lack of relevant content, there will be a reverse and negative outcome. But here lies the problem. Many companies don’t have the money or the creativity to make relevant content. That’s where CatchFlip comes in. Thanks to the app, a marketeer can work on its brand activation in a smart and durable way without risks or high as well as fixed costs. The users get to know the brand through the CatchFlip app.

Read everything about CatchFlip on their website.