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Want to eat healthier? FLAVR to the rescue!

  • On April 21, 2017
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Want to eat healthier? FLAVR to the rescue!

We all want to eat healthier: that’s a fact. But it is so damn difficult to toss those sweets and greasy bits of heaven aside – and replace them with a boring carrot. Well, luckily for you, startup FLAVR sent in some easy tips for eating healthier on a day to day basis. Want to know more? We would love to introduce you to the world of eating and snacking healthy, without hating your life. Ready? Set? Eat (healthy)!  

#1 Trade in those carbs for some fresh veggies
Just think about the immensely popular ‘courgetti’, where you make ‘noodles’ out of a zucchini! Fancier of French fries? As you should! But did you know that vegetable fries can be quite as delicious? Just try cutting up a parsnip, a sweet potato and/or a celeriac – and put the result in the oven with some of your favourite spices. De-li-cious! Not enough? Then make sure to try out vegetable rice: chop a cauliflower or a broccoli ‘till it has the structure of regular rice. Make sure to stir-fry the result as you would do with rice – it’s delightful!  

#2 Don’t confuse hunger with thirst!
A lot of people think they are hungry, when they are actually thirsty. So, start with drinking a glass of water (or two) and wait it out. Still hungry after a while? Then you can snack safely!  

#3 Make sure you are always carrying a healthy snack with you
When you are getting that sudden hunger attack, it’s easy to devour the first candy bar you see. Or a bag or crisps. Or the nearest kebab you can find. Basically, anything within your reach will do at that moment. That’s why you should always carry a healthy snack with you, like a bag of nuts or a piece of fruit.  

#4 Dairy-lover? Always go for the fat variant (isn’t that good news?!)
Yes, the skinny and skimmed versions of milk, yoghurt and cheese are being promoted the most. But these light products always contain more E-numbers and sugar! Fat dairy products, however, contain more nutritional value. Lastly, they will make you feel satisfied for a long(er) time.  

#5 Buy locally – or order at FLAVR, of course!
Visit the market, a nearby farm and/or those little grocery stores around the corner for stocking up on vegetables and fruit: they will taste better and will be as fresh as they come. Not in the mood to head out? No need to worry, because you can always order a fresh, healthy and home-made meal at FLAVR! Want to know more about FLAVR, feeling hungry or do you want to work with us? Make sure to contact us… Talk to you soon!