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Three startups who are definitely worth your while!

  • On March 27, 2017
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Three startups who are definitely worth your while!

  1. Co-libry

Let’s start with Co-libry: an innovative real estate platform that’ll definitely become a big player in the real estate sector because of its innovative combination of real estate, data, financial tools and content. This unique combo provides everybody with the opportunity to narrow down everything important when looking for a new home/neighbourhood. Next to this, the platform is the perfect partner to accompany you during the financial side of your story: it provides tools that are necessary for making important decisions, such as calculators for loans and notary costs. This way, Co-libry is a platform that takes you through the complete real estate process – from beginning to end.  

  1. Parcify

Chances are, you already know Parcify by now. You don’t? Be sure to check out everything you need to know about this brand-new platform: (link). But did you know Parcify recently developed an app? This way, Parcify wants to provide you with an improved experience of delivering your parcels where and when you want. Enjoy the advanced track and trace options, the notifications on where your parcel is right now and the real-time communication. Amongst others…  

  1. Sparespace

Sparespace launched an application which allows people to discover and use empty spaces for a short term, going from one hour to one week. This way, Sparespace provides new ways to utilise empty spaces – and tries to give a solution against vacancy and expensive rental prices. The only thing you have to do, is visit the site and explore the broad collection of available spaces. Found just the space you’re looking for? Great: the only thing you have to do now is book & pay it online. It’s as easy as that!