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The startup experience of Johannes, founder of POM

  • On December 16, 2016
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The startup experience of Johannes, founder of POM 

In a previous blogpost, we mentioned that 2016 was a golden year for startups. Belgian startups raised more than 277 million euro venture capital this year. But what do the startup founders think about that? How did they manage to raise money and how does it feel to be a starter? Johannes Vermeire, co-founder of POM, shares his vision …

Startup support

Initiatives like Start it @kbc have given the entrepreneurial landscape in Belgium an enormous boost. The guidance and assistance offered to startups is extensive these days. There is interest from many big companies and institutions to help, but it’s still difficult to actually get a sales contract from them. We think it’s rather a change of attitude, which requires more time, than a lack of willingness.


Raising funds is different for every startup. In our case, we started looking in our own pool. This means that POM is funded by the founding partners and business angels of our network. This is a conscious choice. Finding investors takes time. It’s a matter of building a trustful relation with investors before they invest in you.

Founding experience 

Being a founder is often scary. We constantly try to make the best decisions and we are often in doubt whether we have done the right thing or not. Despite the uncertainties and no matter what the future will bring: this has already been a challenging and enriching experience. It is fantastic to be able to follow your own values and build up a team around those values that strives towards the same goal. The only way is up …