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The startup dilemma of Living Stories

  • On February 15, 2017
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The startup dilemma of Living Stories

Making choices is never easy. Especially when it comes to your own masterpiece: your startup. How do the Start it@kbc startups deal with startup dilemma’s? Meet “Living Stories” and find out how they cope with difficult choices.


When you have a startup that offers a service or a product, you’ll have to start communicating about it at a certain point. One of the first steps in your marketing and advertising strategy is the choice between new and old media.

Old media (print, radio, TV …) were very popular in the past. In recent years however, there was a paradigm shift: the way people created, delivered and consumed content changed completely. The birth of the World Wide Web was one of the main causes of this evolution.

The term new media is used to describe digital technologies. Most of these methods are online or involve the Internet. Some effective methods of using the new media are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, social media and email marketing. It’s worth putting your time and energy in them.

The “Living Stories” team prefers a mix of new and old media. They recognize the importance of traditional media but they think it is important to adapt to new markets as well. Smart guys! They don’t really choose, do they?

Another important task when running a startup is being able to pitch your idea enthusiastically! But is it best to prepare for a pitch or do it spontaneously? At “Living Stories”, they prefer to pitch without preparation. They have already done several pitches in the past which is why they know it by heart now. That’s the spirit!