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Telenet Kickstart alumnus ScriptBook gets international recognition

  • On January 5, 2017
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Telenet Kickstart alumnus ScriptBook gets international recognition

Business is booming for ScriptBook, a Telenet Kickstart alumnus. For the last couple of days, they have been omnipresent in the (international) news with their ingenious algorithm that tries to spot whether a movie is going to become a box office hit or a bomb. Curious to know more? We thought so!

29th December 2016

Startup ScriptBook promises ‘hard science for a better box office’ and this didn’t go unnoticed by the renowned multilingual technology blog, Engadget.

30th December 2016

With over 51 million visits per month, it’s quite a business boost to be featured on Digital Trends, a technology news, lifestyle, and information website with offices in Portland, Oregon, and New York City.

31st December 2016

From Antwerp to Egypt. ScriptBook managed to impress the Egypt Independent, or at least made them very curious… Because if ScriptBook’s proved to work ― even partially ― the impact on the movie industry could be huge.

2nd January 2017

The Times, one of Britain’s major newspapers, dedicated a full article to the Telenet Kickstart alumnus. But what do Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have to do with it? More than you’d think. It was the 2003 romantic comedy Gigli, which starred Lopez and Affleck and which turned out to be one of Hollywood’s greatest catastrophes, that inspired ScriptBook’s founder to create the script-reading robot.

3rd January 2017

As if a feature article in The Times wasn’t impressive enough, ScriptBook’s CEO and founder Nadira Azermai was asked to explain how the algorithm works, live on CNN. Talk about a great way to kickstart your year!