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Ori Omi: a brief history

  • On February 19, 2017
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Ori Omi: a brief history

“Ori Omi was an idea that already existed about three or four years in my head”, tells Joachim, founder of the company. Already when he graduated from secondary school, he started immersing himself in the world of smartphones. From that moment on, it didn’t take long to realise what he wanted to do: opening a repair shop. But, as things go, his parents thought it was more important to get a degree first – which Joachim did.

Whilst studying, he noticed that a lot of smartphone repair shops started opening – almost literally on every street corner. That wasn’t part of his plan: after graduation, it would be too late, and the competition with all the other shops would be too hard.

That’s when he decided to take on his project in a completely different way compared to others: he came up with the idea of Ori Omi, where iPhones are getting repaired on location – and privacy comes first.

And where are you now?

Six months ago, I was able to enter Start it – which was a mental switch for me. Since then, I started on my own with some repairs here and there in the streets of Antwerp. After that, I hired the first employee – and now our team consists of four people! And that’s great, because the more people we have, the more regions we can help. Even better: five more people will join us soon, which means we’ll be active in Lier, Mechelen and Gent as well.

What’s thé dream for Ori Omi?

My biggest dream for the company is to be present in most of Europe – preferably within the course of the next five years. What would be even better? Being active in the whole of Europe… In a distant future, that is! (laughs)