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(Mobile) Health: a noticeable trend in the start-up environment!

  • On June 7, 2017
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(Mobile) Health: a noticeable trend in the start-up environment!

Many trends play a key role in the start-up environment. And innovation in the field of (mobile) healthcare is a trend that seems to be on the rise. More and more start-ups want their project to make an improvement in the field of health, to thus maybe contribute to a new, healthier and better society. We talked to Bieke Van Gorp, one of the co-founders of FibriCheck – and asked her some questions!

Hi Bieke! First and foremost, can you explain what FibriCheck is about and talk about the sector you are active in?

Well, simply put, FibriCheck is a medically certified application that can detect cardiac arrhythmia. The measurement results are automatically shared with the treating doctor. This allows a quicker diagnosis in the long term – which in turn will result in better treatment.

We are active in the Healthtech sector, more specifically mobile health. By resolutely looking for an actual medical solution with the right qualifications, we deliberately opted for the slightly longer and more difficult route. But it was so worth it! Today we can proudly say that we are the first European application with an official medical label – and, moreover, FibriCheck is only available on prescription. This only benefits our credibility within the medical community!

What are your biggest hurdles in this ‘trend’ of mobile health?

True, we have noticed that mobile health is becoming a trend. When we say this we mean the sector is growing strongly: more and more companies are trying to position themselves in this sector. But, as always, there are a great many challenges in this trend that everyone needs to consider…

For instance, we always use the be prepared to go slow motto: you have to prepare yourself that everything in healthcare moves a lot slower.

You also need to take into account the established structures. What does this mean? Simply, but annoyingly, the traditional laws of demand and offer in the general economy don’t apply because of the established structures and agreements in the healthcare sector which you can’t get around (such as the legislation regarding reimbursement).

Also, the health sector applies strict regulations. And rightly so of course. What makes it annoying is that this is not quite yet the case for mobile healthcare applications. This means that for our target audience it is quite difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, one app from the other, in terms of quality and reliability.

But, despite all these challenges, it is clear every day that we chose a sector that is constantly developing – and has great growth potential.

What is the atmosphere at FibriCheck like internally?

It is probably a cliché, but the atmosphere at FibriCheck is extremely good. This is extremely important, as we spend many hours together. Generally, our team is very young – and that youthful enthusiasm helps us to keep motivating each other.

So as not to lose this great atmosphere because everyone is so busy, we regularly schedule fun team building activities: it is important you also get to know each other outside the office as well! And it’s become a tradition to share all the targets we achieve (whether they are extremely big or extremely small), with everyone. This means everyone knows what is going on internally – and we have less of a feeling of ‘hierarchy’ in our team.

“Your team is your greatest asset!”

And we are also established at the amazing Corda Campus: a tech campus and business community that offers support for all kinds of companies and start-ups. And do you know what?? The atmosphere among all these different start-ups… It is really good and great fun! We don’t notice any competitiveness at all: everyone is always prepared to help!

Thanks, Bieke!