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Meet WinWinner: matchmaker between entrepreneur and investor!

  • On April 26, 2017
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Meet WinWinner: matchmaker between entrepreneur and investor!

Have you met… WinWinner? No? Well, allow us to introduce this successful start-up. WinWinner is a matchmaking platform that brings starting entrepreneurs and investors together. Furthermore, they offer help and expertise concerning the use of the WinWin loan and tax shelter for starting companies. And you know what? They’re doing awesome: in less than six months’ time, they’ve collected more than 1 million euros for start-ups in the small investor community.

That’s why we had an inspiring chat with founders Matthias Browaeys and Aelbrecht Van Damme. Curious? We’re glad to tell you all about our learnings!

First of all, tell us something more about that WinWin loan: what are the three greatest benefits of this concept?
Firstly, our WinWin loan provides a unique opportunity to our so-called ‘FFF’ target group: friends, family and fans. What is that opportunity? A chance to invest in a young business. What are the advantages? Getting an interesting tax benefit (2,5% of the total invested amount) and receiving a 30% guarantee of the total invested amount.

Following, the entrepreneur only pays the statutory interest (which is a minimum of 1% and a maximum of 2%). That’s it: no need for additional personal deposits!

Lastly, the WinWin loan is considered (quasi) equity capital… Which is a great leverage when you’re applying for a bank loan, for example!

What are the biggest trends, right now, within the entrepreneurial landscape? 
Entrepreneurs aren’t always aware of their own network when they are looking for investors. Even if they are aware, they are often reluctant to address this network when it concerns financing. That’s too bad, isn’t it? Luckily, we can help with that: we’re providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tips and tricks for acing that investor talk!

Also, you need to know that investors nowadays are looking much further than purely return on investment. This is definitely the case with our WinWin loan: the potential and the power of the concept you are selling, next to the strength and expertise of the team, is just as important as the ROI!

What is the golden tip for all who want to start their own business?
You always, always, have to start off with a substantiated business plan and a realistic financial plan. Following, you should understand that these plans aren’t set in stone! You will constantly be changing them whilst evolving and growing. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay – as long as you have a sustainable long term vision you are holding on to. In other words: you need to develop a strong profit model that shows the profitability of your company.

And to leave our readers with some irrefutable wisdom… Any last inspiring words?
A goal is a dream with a deadline. So, determine those goals – and pursue them. No matter what.


Inspiring, indeed. Thanks!