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Meet Simon, founder of Designfloater!

  • On March 17, 2017
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Meet Simon, founder of Designfloater!

So, Simon. Firstly… What business did you start?

Briefly put, Designfloater is a design production channel that’s mostly focused on small businesses and agencies. We want to offer a place where designers and architects can find local manufacturers for realizing their design projects.

To make this happen, we’re developing an all-in-one production platform and a sales platform for designers. This way, we want to help everyone who wants to design, produce and launch their own collections. Not only the production will be easy, but they’ll also be able so send it easily to stores and manage their sales and overall production.

Where are you guys active?

Today, we’re operating in Belgium, but we have the ambition to expand to the Netherlands and France – preferably this year. And within five years, we’d like to be active throughout Europe and get cross distribution within Europe. This way, we want to make it possible for designers to produce and sell within Europe – without any boundaries.


What’s the biggest challenge for this year?

Well, I’m guessing the same one as every other startup: raising money so we’re able to grow. Luckily, our whole team is really motivated to work as hard and accurate as possible for making this happen. We definitely have the ambition, the passion and the knowledge to grow. So now, all we need is the proper funding!


Duly noted. Thank you, Simon!