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Looking back on the origins of start-up Maison Slash

  • On June 23, 2017
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Looking back on the origins of start-up Maison Slash

Maison Slash is a trendy online lifestyle magazine for parents who want to be more than ‘just’ a mum or dad. After all, we feel that parents can also be passionate about other things such as music, travelling or food. And as it happens, Maison Slash has hundreds of articles that will appeal to parents of all ages!

But, uhm… How did this start-up come about? Who are the amazing ladies behind the concept and what are their expectations for the future? We fired these and other questions at our Maison Slashers pur sang: Anne and Ingrid!

Hi there, Anne and Ingrid! So tell us: how did this adventure get started?

Well, we’d never met in person before Maison Slash: we were just distant acquaintances. One day we bumped into each other at a book launch and we got to talking. We told each other about this wonderful idea we had and that we were just itching to act on it… and that’s how it all got started!

Can you tell us something about your careers prior to Maison Slash?

Anne keeps a rather well-known blog, ‘Mother of five’, and I worked for Ketnet for quite a while. The two are in the same vein – and it’s this common ground that ultimately brought us together. Right away, we thought: “There’s more potential here. In fact, this could be a business and we’re going to take the plunge!”.

How did you come up with the idea for the actual magazine?

At the time, we ourselves were looking for an interesting lifestyle magazine for parents but we couldn’t find one, oddly enough. And that’s a shame, really. Because sometimes it feels as if – once you’ve become a parent – you’re reduced to a diaper-changing machine… But we think – no, we believe and know there’s so much more than that!

And that’s the thought that ultimately blossomed into not just a magazine but a communication agency as well: our brainstorming sessions taught us that many companies also need help tapping into these families. They often have no idea of the right tone of voice to address this specific target group and that is something we can and are willing to help with.

How did the magazine take shape?

Well, it grew as we were working on it. Naturally, the pragmatic considerations came first: ‘How are we going to make a living out of this?’ because the digital sector is not the simplest of professional environments – and this is especially true of communication because most people simply read for free online.

So that was our first major challenge right there: “What business model should we use to promote our online content”? And you know what? If we’re totally honest… we still haven’t found it. Yes, there is a substantial need for this type of communication in the business world but raising the necessary funds… that’s quite another matter.

How do you see the future of Maison Slash?

We hope to make a living out of it in the future, of course! Whatever happens, we are both in this all the way: meanwhile I (Ingrid) have given up my day job, for instance. I genuinely believe in this project and to me it’s only natural that I should put my heart and soul into it.

So yes… We are confident that Maison Slash will take off in 2018. All the more so because the ideas we’ve been planting in various places and areas have been generating excellent feedback. So… Either all those people are lying through their teeth or business will boom next year! (laughs)

We’ll be cheering you on. Thanks!