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Telenet Idealabs finalist INTUO hosts first conference on performance management

  • On November 7, 2016
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Telenet Idealabs finalist INTUO hosts first conference on performance management

These are exciting times for the Ghent-based startup INTUO, which develops smart HR software. In what seems like the blink of an eye, INTUO managed to collect 850.000 euro from investors, to grow from two to sixteen employees, and to organise its first major event in October, ‘Reinventing Performance Management’. Impressively, INTUO now serves a customer base of more than 50 companies and no less than 400.000 product users.

The fact that the company was one of the finalists of the Telenet Idealabs startup accelerator program surely contributed to its success. “Telenet provided us with the perfect opportunity to experiment in a safe environment and dare spend money”, 29-year-old CEO Tim Clauwaert recalls.

Dare to take responsibility

The idea for INTUO goes back to 2014, when Clauwaert and his business partner Gilles Mattelin dreamt of founding an online education programme for doctors. Soon the two entrepreneurs decided to expand the concept into an entire ‘people software’ system. “During the ideation phase, we found out that we were selected for Telenet Idealabs”, Clauwaert explains. “Needless to say, we were over the moon.”

After a few weeks of intensive training, with workshops on different aspects of entrepreneurship, it was time to organise user tests and other usability activities. Clauwaert: “It was very interesting to exchanges ideas with our mentors and to expand our network. For instance, we have been working towards a few pitches in the Netherlands and in London. You learn a lot in this safe environment, but after a while you have to dare to leave it, and show that you are willing to be held accountable by your customers.”

Technology and philosophy 

The 26 October event ‘Reinventing Performance Management’ was INTUO’s first chance to unite likeminded professionals and international speakers to discuss new ideas about performance management. Clauwaert: “These days, it’s crucial to create employee involvement when setting company objectives. Outdated concepts like yearly assessment reports do not allow for this kind of flexibility and participation. We want to provide a solution to this problem, not only through our software, but also through our HR philosophy. After all, it’s people – not technologies – that put ‘the New World of Work’ into practice. I feel like we really got this message across at our conference.”