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How to launch your product like a boss? Salesflare tells all

  • On May 3, 2017
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How to launch your product like a boss? Salesflare tells all

Remember how well Salesflare was doing earlier this year? Well, they’re still on a roll! Product Hunt just voted the Telenet Kickstart alumnus’ intelligent CRM system the best of the best, with no less than 934 likes (and still counting). How did they do it, you ask? The Salesflare team is more than happy to share a few words of wisdom with you! Here’s how to launch your product like a boss …

(Warning: the Salesflare product launch strategy may come with side effects.)

 1.    Lurk around

Don’t start with a big bang just yet. First, find out what makes your target audience tick. Which communities are they a part of? Are there any events, websites, celebrities, … that spark their interest in particular?

  • Side effects may include fresh product ideas.

2.    Line up a team of early adopters

No matter how awesome your product launch, you’re going to need some people, preferably early adopters with loads of followers, to keep that star shining bright and get the majority on board.

  • Side effects may include new business relationships.

3.    Pitch it real good

Business angels and other types of investors get pitched all the time. Make sure your pitch is to the point – duh! – and shows off your personality. If you have some early results, show them! And don’t forget to tell potential investors about the problem your product is going to solve. Nobody’s waiting for the next artsy fartsy cutesy gadget that creates no added value whatsoever.

  • Side effects may include money raining down on you out of nowhere.

4.    Bask in the glory of The Playbook

Of course, a great pitch and a team of early adopters are only the start of an epic product launch. Salesflare has plenty more tips, tricks and hacks in store for you! The team neatly compiled them in The Ultimate Playbook to Product Launching.