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Have no fear, the rise of the robot manager is near!

  • On June 26, 2017
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Have no fear, the rise of the robot manager is near!

While artificial intelligence (AI) is moving at an incredibly fast pace, some jobs are highly unlikely to ever be done by robots. Take HR management, for instance, a job that typically requires emotional intelligence and great people skills. But while robot managers won’t be developing and implementing company cultures anytime soon, AI is in fact redefining HR in several ways as we speak.

Matlda says … “You’re hired!”

Cute-looking, thirty centimeters tall and specially developed to interview applicants for sales jobs, Matlda is the next big thing in the recruitment world. While the 76 questions she asks each applicant are pretty “ruthless” (as her developer Professor Rajiv Khosla describes it), Matlda is also programmed to read emotions. Matlda even puts candidates at ease if needed, for example by playing their favorite music. And, contrary to human recruiters, Matlda cannot be biased or unconsciously influenced by outside factors. She’s tough, but fair!

Who run the job sites? Robot managers!

If you’re a freelancer, chances are you’ve already worked with a robot manager without even realizing it. More and more job sites (including are deploying robot managers in the form of specialized algorithms to allocate tasks and even adjust payment scales based on past performance.

“It’s time for some teambuilding, people.”

Counting more than half a million users, Intuo’s AI-powered talent management software enables HR teams and managers to adopt a more efficient, data-driven approach to keeping employees motivated and engaged. By regularly asking employees questions like “Do you feel your job is affecting your private life?”, “Do you think you still have enough growth opportunities?”, … the system keeps track of workers’ happiness levels and alerts managers when it’s time for a boost.

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