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FTW! Happs reels in 22,200 euros through crowdfunding

  • On March 1, 2017
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FTW! Happs reels in 22,200 euros through crowdfunding

Telenet Kickstart alumnus Happs continues to reach for the stars, having raised a whopping 22,200 euros through their crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. Backed by Flemish celebrity Koen Wauters, Happs will be launching their educational game Karaton on March 31 of this year. “The feedback has been amazing so far”, comments founder Hannes Hauwaert, who filled us in on his startup’s crowdfunding strategy and future plans.

The key to a successful crowdfunding campaign

Anyone can launch a crowdfunding campaign in just a few clicks, but turning it into a success is another thing entirely. “Preparation is key”, says Hannes. “Before launching the campaign, we made a list of some 100 to 150 people who we thought would be willing to sponsor us. We also gathered a team of ten people who agreed to share and like our messages on social media. I should also add that it’s important to prepare your communications in advance. A decent strategy really goes a long way.”

A famous face gets the ball rolling

Nothing beats having a celebrity promote your crowdfunding campaign – or any other campaign for that matter – to make response rates skyrocket. Hannes: “We were fortunate to have a connection with Koen Wauters who was happy to help us, but don’t get discouraged if you’re unable to convince a celebrity straight away. There’s always someone who knows someone, who knows someone … And then there’s also Twitter. Ask yourself which celebrities might be genuinely interested in what you’re selling, and don’t hesitate to tweet them. Several times if you must. That’s how we got actor and (children’s) author Dimitri Leue to share our campaign on his Twitter feed.”

Karaton: the story continues

In the world of Karaton, a king has lost the power to teach his people how to read. By solving reading, writing and spelling problems, children can help the king to regain his power. “Next to further developing the platform for parents and speech therapists, we’ll be spending the proceeds of our crowdfunding campaign on professional voicing for the characters in the game. We’re also hiring Raf Njotea to continue Karaton’s storyline and fill it with plenty of twists and turns. Raf’s on the writing team for VTM’s ‘Familie’, so we’re sure he’ll keep the children glued to the edge of their seats”, Hannes concludes confidently.

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