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Five ways to celebrate success in the office.

  • On May 22, 2017
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Five ways to celebrate success in the office.

Day in, day out, we find reasons to celebrate: when we get married, have a birthday, give birth, buy a house or because we love to cook or sing. But do you know what we should celebrate more often? Success in the office. And that’s a pity because this is the kind of thing that deserves a little extra attention. That is why we have a few tips for giving credit where it’s due.

#1 Start with a simple ‘thank you’

Because you know what? This is often what people long for the most: appreciation for their work. Because when people work hard, they want to be praised for it – if only with the occasional ‘thank you for your hard work!’.

When staff get the feeling that their efforts go unnoticed, they may become less and less invested in their work and the company as such. Try it and you’ll see: this short sentence shows them that you respect them and over time it will create a pleasant and positive atmosphere in the group.

#2 Celebrate as a team with dinner or a drink

Sound simple? That’s because it is! Nothing brings a team closer together than sharing a meal in a relaxed atmosphere – and when it’s on the company dime that’s even better of course! Is it difficult to get everyone together outside office hours? Then opt for lunch: a time when – generally speaking – everyone is at work.

#3 Promise a material reward – after all, we’re only human, right?

It’s true that respect and appreciation cannot be expressed through material things. But you know what? It can’t hurt either. That’s why it’s a good idea to adopt a system of bonuses or other types of rewards. For instance, you can give staff additional fringe benefits, or offer them a gift voucher or let them go home sooner on a day of their choosing. Keep in mind that reward is always more effective than punishment!

#4 Think of a unique way to make celebration visual

Just let your creativity run wild. For instance, many companies have a wall of wins: it’s a board or a wall with visual reminders of all successful projects. The fuller the board, the more individual staff are motivated to write their own success story. This is also an interesting way of triggering possible prospects: when potential customers walk into your office and the first thing they see is a reminder of all your successes… they will be more inclined to buy into your story.

#5 Introduce rituals to look forward to

We’re right back to that effective system of rewards: introduce small (or big) rituals after every win on the office floor. It could be anything: crack a bottle of wine, finish work an hour early, update the wall of wins together, grab a bite together, … Just as long as it’s a fun activity for the whole team and something everyone can look forward to.

Do what Start it @kbc start-up DocSolver did and combine #4 and #5!

DocSolver is one of the Start it @kbc start-ups: they develop management systems that provide solutions for liberal professions. What else did they develop? A super fun ritual to look forward to per customer/success: at the office they put up a Michelin map on which to mark their customers. White is the colour for customers who have placed an order but who haven’t paid yet. The coloured pins mark those customers who have already paid. Colours are assigned according to the customers’ size. Over time, this practical visual indicator has become an important ritual in the company, something all staff look forward to on a daily basis.