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Dilemma for Settlemint: expand or start a new hub?

  • On June 22, 2017
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Dilemma for Settlemint: expand or start a new hub?

Every month, Telenet Kickstart challenges start-ups with a tough dilemma… and today it’s Settlemint’s turn. This start-up developed innovative modular software that helps companies with the various applications of blockchain technology. This is the dilemma they got to rack their brains over!

Expand or start a new hub?

Well, to answer this question we must first consider the operational model because what does your long-term planning look like when the goal is to grow as fast as possible in the shortest possible time span?

In our case, in light of the technology we work with on a daily basis, we believe in starting a hub. Mainly because this way we are fully prepared for a collaboration with companies that are interested in other geographical areas and/or specific sectors – but that would still like to use our technology.

So this is why we have complete confidence in the ‘Hub-and-spoke-type model’. This investment structure consists of a single central ‘hub’ and several smaller investment branches that remain independent but still contribute to that central hub. The major advantage of this structure is the fact that all parties involved – both the central party and the smaller branches – benefit from this approach.

Thank you, Settlemint!