What does it take to be an

In a city that never sleeps, nor stands still, reporter JORIS VAN DER PLAETSEN managed to make a handful of entrepreneurs take a moment to stand still and give this Big Question a moment thought. He captured their dwellings in a documentary.

More than meets the eye

“Before filming this story, my general impression of the startup scene was that of a very corporate, hard sales world. On blogs and podcasts it’s all about pitching and fund raising. But there’s also this other, very human side to entrepreneurship. It’s these personal stories behind the startups that caught my attention.

On the verge of entrepreneurship

On the verge of entrepreneurship “I was a digital design student myself, so this ‘dreaming of developing the nex big appstore hit’ was never far-off. In fact, I came pretty close to becoming a tech startup myself at one point, when me and my friends entered a competition and our project won. But in the end, telling people’s stories is more my cup of tea.”

Digging for diamonds

“You know, on my computer, I have a screensaver of a man mining a cave. He is so close to finding the diamond, and you see him contemplating giving up. I think that’s what differentiates entrepreneurs from non-entrepreneurs: they always remain convinced that the diamond is within reach.

Does it make you happy?

“Looking back on the interviews, I truly believe these entrepreneurs are happy people. Happier even than people working a traditional 9 to 5 job. They know how to put things in perspective and consider the hard stuff to just be part of the journey. And, like many of them said: the reward is in the journey itself.”

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