Sofyan El Bouchtili

  • Digital, critical & engaged
  • Aspiring journalist & documentary maker

“I can’t wait to taste KFC! And the startup vibe as well, obviously.”

Sofyan is a blogger, researcher, video- and photographer with a passion for hip-hop. He’s genuinely excited to join the NY travelers, for a) he can’t wait to finally try some KFC and b) he’s curious about the startup life and the adventurous state-of-mind that comes with it. As a storyteller, he hopes to bring the deeper human interest story behind the entrepreneurs: what drives them, what obstacles do they face and how does their family deal with all that?

Why we travel with digital storytellers

An innovative trip calls for an innovative approach to reporting. Which is why we invited 5 native digital storytellers along to cover our ambitious journey. To blog, vlog, tweet and shout. These reporters’ personal stories about the trip should offer an insight into the startup scene that’s equally unique as the startup excursion itself.