Loïc Meulenberg

  • Young and ambitious
  • Student
  • Media maker

“I hope to stimulate my creative view of the world”

Loïc is not a journalist, nor a photographer. The 20-year old student describes himself as an all-round media maker because the practice of any single media is just dull. He likes to go to New York to learn more about the startup scene and to gain some self-confidence in what he does. And the story he comes home with? “If it’s spectacular, it’s spectacular. If it’s not, it’s not. My story will reflect the truth and only the truth.”

Why we travel with digital storytellers

An innovative trip calls for an innovative approach to reporting. Which is why we invited 5 native digital storytellers along to cover our ambitious journey. To blog, vlog, tweet and shout. These reporters’ personal stories about the trip should offer an insight into the startup scene that’s equally unique as the startup excursion itself.