Helena Cazaerck

  • Frisky, intense and versatile
  • Lived in Australia for a year
  • Works for Mediaraven vzw

“I hope to learn more about the struggles and accomplishments of the startups”

As a journalism student and a member of the (REC)Academy, Helena knows how to tell a digital story. Cooperation is key, she says, because together we can make a change. That’s why Helena is looking forward to network with the startups, the partners and the other fish in the sea. “There’s no need to be scared. Most of the time sharks don’t bite.” ...Most of the time.

Why we travel with digital storytellers

An innovative trip calls for an innovative approach to reporting. Which is why we invited 5 native digital storytellers along to cover our ambitious journey. To blog, vlog, tweet and shout. These reporters’ personal stories about the trip should offer an insight into the startup scene that’s equally unique as the startup excursion itself.