SCHIJF JE IN   voor 01/08/2015

The 16th of March marks the official launch of the imec.istart fund. Its goal? Boost the support for Flemish tech startups who are kickstarting their company. The fund, representing 12,5 million euros in investments over the next five years, will be the biggest one in its category; pre-seed investments.

This support for digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Flanders is a collaboration between the Flemish Government, ING, BNP Paribas Fortis, Cronos and Telenet.

Read all about it in the press release.

To facilitate the acceleration of promising start-ups on their way to becoming scale-ups, we are joining the imec.istart fund. As part of this strategic partnership, a consortium consisting of Barco, Mediahuis, Medialaan, MediaNet Vlaanderen, VRT Sandbox and Telenet have created a special Telecom, Media and Entertainment vertical. This joint initiative is looking to boost great ideas in this particular segment of the market and help digital entrepreneurs by providing extra funding, sharing our expertise and by giving promising start-ups access to our business network.

Read more about imec.istart

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