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A golden year for Belgian startups

  • On December 2, 2016
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A golden year for Belgian startups 

2016 is the golden year when it comes to Belgian startups. There were never more investments in startups. In total, startups raised more than 277 million euro venture capital this year. That’s 15 million euro more compared to last year, says professor at AMS (Antwerp Management School) Omar Mohout.

When did we do it better?

Only in the nineties, we were in the same favorable situation. In those days, a big amount of the startup’s money came from the stock-exchange. Now, it comes from investors. Things are going very well for startups, Omar says. Today, we benefit of the growing amount of tech startups launched in 2010.

Look at the bright side 

277 million venture capital may sound like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the funding rounds in Silicon Valley for example. Even in Europe, Belgium is certainly not number one. Sweden, Denmark, Swiss, Finland … They all have a smaller economy and yet: they raise more capital. But always look at the bright side: Belgium has a high number of startups. We can even compete with giants such as France, the UK and Germany.

International recognition 

One year ago, Antwerp got international recognition for its policy towards startups. The city won the Global Startup Nations Award. It was the first time that a city won the award. Previous years, only countries were candidates. Mayor Bart De Wever always wanted to encourage entrepreneurs and startups. And that’s exactly what he is doing these days.

One of the most important things is to focus on students. It is essential to stimulate them. The student-entrepreneur status is a great example of this encouragement. But there are several other successful projects. “Buy from startups” is one of them. Startups can sign up to calls for tenders, although they haven’t any official product yet.

Startups in Belgium are doing great! Several startups have already won national and international prizes. We’re proud of all of them and we hope that the number of startups will only grow. Want to know more about the success factors of startups? Download the research report of Deloitte here.