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A day in the life of startup Elegnano

  • On December 16, 2016
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A day in the life of startup Elegnano

The life of a starter is far from ordinary. Every startup is different but rest assured: entrepreneurs work damn hard! But what do they exactly do? How does a day of a starter look like? Let’s take a look behind the scenes of a typical day at the Elegnano office. Founder Katrien guides you through her day…

My working day starts the moment I get up. During breakfast, I check my to-do list for the day, go through e-mails and social media channels in my apartment. On my smartphone, no laptops allowed at the breakfast table. In the spirit that “what you can do in 3 minutes, you should do immediately” I reply to the ones that don’t need much thinking or writing (since writing on a smartphone is not that comfortable anyway). On the Facebook and Instagram page of Elegnano, I reply to messages and comments from the day before. All this takes about 2 hours.

After this “quick” administrative part of the day, most of the traffic jams and overcrowded trains are gone, so I head to my atelier and office, 20 km further. Upon arrival, I check the mail and open packages that are already delivered. In the mail, I find mostly bills or publicity, packages are material samples or gifts. So, I definitely prefer the latter. Mornings are better to have a light and open mind, so before lunch I go over some creative details: designing, material selection, technical drawings, prototyping. Although I only have a deadline for a new collection twice a year, it is a continuous research to create new models and test new things.

I take lunch with my mother, and then head back to the atelier checking webshop-orders, paying bills, making invoices and answering the e-mails that require more than just an ok or yes. The factories that produce the Elegnano shoes are located in Italy. It is impossible to be there all the time, so a lot of details are discussed over Skype or through e-mails (thank God we live in the 21st century).

In the late afternoon, I check the appointments and events coming in the next 7 days, to update my to-do list for the next day and prioritize. Just before closing time you’ll find me in the supermarket, getting food for the evening. After cooking and dinner, I make sure there is content for the social media channels for the next few days. Since I give a talk somewhere or coach someone at least twice a week, I try to spend an hour a day preparing for this too: Making presentations, looking up information, answering questions… It is either preparing for it, or actually giving the talk or coaching. This week I took the stage at the GEgarages conference in Brussels, talking about innovation from interdisciplinarity.

Usually it is 22h-23h when my workday finishes, so I hop in the shower and go to bed, to be fully energized for the next day. Sweet dreams!