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A day in the life of startup Carpet of Life

  • On December 16, 2016
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A day in the life of startup Carpet of Life

The life of a starter is far from ordinary. Every startup is different but rest assured: entrepreneurs work damn hard! But what do they exactly do? How does a day of a starter look like? Let’s take a look behind the scenes of a typical day at the Carpet of Life office. The team guides you through the day …

At Carpet of Life, every day is different. Quite often, we start our day by checking our phone, since we communicate with our project leaders in Morocco through WhatsApp: do they have questions, what’s the update on the production, did they send any pictures of the carpets in production?

Then we go through our mailbox. We inform new possible clients, make appointments for new design intakes, work on the promotion & marketing of Carpet of Life and so on.

After this, we meet with clients for their design intake. Contact with our clients is one of our priorities. We see each client personally to know the story behind the clothes and the carpets. Sometimes our products tell the story of a family life. For example, some clients want to make a carpet from clothes of somebody they’ve lost. These design intakes can be very intense and emotional. This is why personal contact is very important to us.

Finance and budget is another part of our job as we do our own bookkeeping. Writing invoices, checking if they are paid, paying the craftswomen for their work, … it is part of the job. And then there’s some business development on our plate. We have to think about our future and the special products we want to produce.

Approximately twice a year we go to M’Hamid, the village in the desert where we work in Morocco. We follow up on the production, see our project leaders and craftswomen and organize women ceremonies to thank our women and honor their talent and cultural heritage.

At Carpet of Life, it’s never boring and every day is very diverse. We love the intercultural working. The personal stories of our clients really make our day! That’s what keeps us going.