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3 Best team buildings for startups

  • On December 16, 2016
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3 Best team buildings for startups 

Startups are often on a limited budget. Time is a scarce resource too. But even then it’s possible to organize an engaging team building. No, we’re not talking about beer drinking as a motivational team activity. The following list includes the shortest and cheapest team buildings, which will improve your peer skills.

1. Sneak a peek

Boost your problem solving and communication skills within a group.

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Every self-respecting startup has some Lego bricks in the office. If not, run to the shop! The youngest of the team will build a small sculpture with some of the building blocks and hide it from the group. His colleagues should be divided in small teams. One member of the team will be “the eyes” of the group. This member can look at the sculpture for ten seconds and try to memorize it before returning to his team. During twenty-five seconds he will instruct his team how to build an exact replica of the sculpture. After one minute, another member from each team can come up for a “sneak a peek”. Obviously the winning team is the one that is first to build an exact replica of the sculpture

2. Egg drop 

Creative thinking in group.

Estimated time: 1 hour

Interested in a messier approach? Small teams have to build a packaging solution for eggs. This time your building blocks are newspapers, straws, tape, plastic, balloons and rubber bands. Feel free to expand the list. The challenge is to build an egg package that is fully shock resistant. After one hour all packages are thrown out of the window. Your team wins if the egg is not broken. Optional: Winners brake eggs on the head of losers.

3. Human knot 

Funny brainteaser.

Estimated time:  30 minutes

You don’t need any materials for this teambuilding activity. But you need 8-30 participants. Everybody has to stand in a circle and put their right hand in the air and grab the hand of someone standing across the circle from them. Then you need to put your left hand in the air and grab the hand of a different person. Now, there is only one rule. You need to hold hands with two different people and it’s forbidden to hold the hand of someone who’s standing directly next to you. Finally, the objective is to untangle everyone without letting go of the hands. Warning: participants should be in a perfect physical condition.