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3 advantages of being an entrepreneur

  • On January 11, 2017
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3 advantages of being an entrepreneur

One out of five of the Belgian workforce is entrepreneur. To be specific: more than 1.035.000 people in our little country are their own boss. That’s a crazy number! Why is it so popular to start a business on your own? We asked Jan Verlinden, founder of Start it @kbc startup Ritchie: a delicious, old-fashioned lemonade that was sold in Belgium in the 50’s till the late 70’s. Ritchie then decided to take a well-earned holiday. But now, the Belgian lemonade is back!

Having full autonomy

The best word to summarise why I started Ritchie, is the Flemish word ‘goesting’. It’s a combination of desire and enthusiasm. By starting my own business, I could re-launch Ritchie 100% in line with the initial vision of the brand. The full autonomy I get as an entrepreneur is probably one of the main advantages of starting my own business.

Doing what you believe is right

Being able to do what you believe is right, without the need to go through several layers of approval committees: that’s such a satisfying feeling. I have worked in big FMCG companies where this isn’t the case at all. However, I want to emphasise, that the idea to relaunch Ritchie is not based on a frustration with working for big companies (negative driver) but is fully based on ‘goesting’ (positive driver).

Feeling satisfied when achieving success

It is clear that, although I had more than 20 years of international experience with big FMCG companies, one is never fully prepared to start its own business. Ritchie was produced for the first time again on November 21, 2016, but this would not have been possible without the support of so many ‘supporters’. To have people supporting (and helping) on the side, is by far the biggest positive professional experience I have ever had. I was extremely lucky to have met people and organizations who really believe in the Ritchie project and who ‘put their money where their mouth is’. So, what are you waiting for? Do you have a great startup idea? Subscribe at before January 12th ! Source